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Theater, Art or Retail?

Theatre, Art or Retail ? 

Lane Crawford has pushed the boundaries of retail design. It is a leading specialty store founded in Hong Kong offering top-end retail products from leading designers and brands around the world. In 2004, it launched a new retail concept showcasing designer fashion and lifestyle brands in gallery-like showrooms along custom made art pieces. 

This fusion of fashion, art and exhibition provides a unique and memorable retail experience. Fashion designers and artists are fused together, forming engaging and creative theatrical backdrops that reinforces the distinction and position of the product. In-store displays and windows are fun, provocative and sophisticated. The designer offers technology interfaces within the store environment by introducing the ‘i-bar’. This function as the store’s technology hub where customers may check e-mails and inquire about in-store services.

A dramatic display of communicational graphics reinforcing the lifestyle Lane Crawford offers, as you travel vertically within the store. 

Fun and engaging displays. Put yourself in the mirror (top) and see how you feel when neon lights suggest that you ‘be a star’ and that you are ‘perfect’ for it.

A fusion of art and sculpture in service counter, racks and displays. 

Retail managers in Malaysia should employ artists to do visual merchandising … comments please ….

One Week of Art Work

Peel yourself a designer chair ..

At the XXIst Century Man Exhibition curated by Issey Miyake, he expressed a concept of active, optimistic and forward-moving “21st century people”, the kind of people who,”don’t just wear clothes, but shed their skin”. 

Taking up this challenge, Nendo ( designed a furniture that  transformed a roll of pleated paper into a small chair that appears naturally as you peel away its outside layers, one layer at a time.

I thought this was a wonderful observation and adaptation of nature (as designed by the Almighty). Just think of the innovative possibilities, if we were to focus and be more observant to nature … 

ART as a weapon of WIT : ‘What happen to us ?’ series by Dan Perjovschi

Dan Perjovski uses cartoons to communicate wit.

To a question on whether he has other works of detailed aesthetics he said ..

‘ I am very academically trained, I was growing up in a soviet kind of country … i.e communist … and education there was very ‘stahanovistic’ i.e. if you have a certain talent .. they put you in a special school, so I did 12 years of studying art … I graduate in painting in Bucharest Rumania, these works are like a rebellion to what they teach me, my teachers are horrified when they see these works … in a way my language is in time, its like a process, now I got to this point, I am very satisfied with it and I keep it … I try to keep it simple and funny. A lot of contemporary art needed explanation and sometimes it is incomprehensible to me too … I grew up in a communist country and we do not have much information. I did not have the same model (of countries with information freedom) as you have .. I do not know any art history because it was censored .. and all the models that I have in my country .. I reject them. Its to late for me to relate now …

See his work and interview with the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)


Video Montage of ThreeSixty Art Development Studio

Galeri Chandan, Bukit Damansara

A sneak preview of ThreeHundredSixty’s new gallery, Galeri Chandan, Bukit Damansara. The gallery will be officially opened in June 2008.

Video montage of 360>LoveArtPassion : A group exhibition