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AND OUR WORLD IS STILL ALIVE by Aminian Tahamtan, Iran 2002

Still on the perspective of the world, we found this artwork entitled “and our world is still alive” by Aminian Tahamtan from Iran as part of the ‘International Posters for peace, social justice & the environment 1965-2005’ show.

The words forming the ash of the cigarette read from top to bottom: Agony, Sorrow, Pain, Hatred, Hesitation, Envy, Hopeless, Fear, Dirt, Prostitution, Wound, Wretchedness, Madness, Isolation, Wrath, Grudge, and Fatal. The progression begins at the top (the reason for being a smoker) and consequently burns down to the filter (the result of being smoker).

The World Map by McDonalds & Starbucks

Intrigued by the definition of the world map in the work ‘Peta Mimpi’ by Hasanul Idris (see previous post). The Thr36ixty5ive team searched the web for other perspectives of the world. The world as mapped by McDonalds and Starbucks gives us an idea of global and geographical influence and monopoly. Modern-day commercial colonisation.

Peta Mimpi by Hasanul Isyraf Idris

“I employ my position as a spectator of global issues related to war, terrorism, super-power alliance, and regimented ruling for this series of artwork. I am interested in the images that typically related to war such as weaponry, aircraft and tanks, in combination with images of toys, flowers, birds, Bali offering and images that imply happiness, freedom and hope. These subject matters, derived from the bombardment of mass media, have become my main tools in expressing my concerns towards the turmoil of war and its casualties. I organised my composition by playfully selecting images that can make my painting appears like an interesting and almost decorative piece of art. I always try to create pleasing (but mocking) game-like and playful look by arranging overlapping and intersecting the silhouette and patterns of the images. The ambiguity of the purposes of the shapes and pattern suggests some hidden agendas”


Hasanul Isyraf Idris (b.1978) is a graduate of Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) who has been known for his pop-oriented artworks since he emerged into the local art scene in 1999. His works has been selected for the Malaysian Young Contemporaries in 2004,2006 and 2008. This work in currently on show at Galeri Chandan, Bukit Damansara

A tribute to Jeri Azahari, Malaysian Pop Art Artist

 Galeri Chandan, Bukit Damansara pays tribute to Ahmad Azahari a.k.a Jeri Azahari, A Malaysian prominent Pop Art Artist.

A legitimate art form, Pop Art is one of the major art movements of the twentieth century. Characterised by themes and techniques drawn from popular mass culture such as advertising and comic books, pop art is widely interpreted as either a reaction to the then-dominant ideas of abstract expressionism or an expansion upon them. Pop art, like pop music, aimed to employ images of popular as opposed to elitist culture in art, emphasizing the banal or kitschy elements of any given culture. It has also been defined by the artists use of mechanical means of reproduction or rendering techniques that downplay the expressive hand of the artist. Pop art at times targeted a broad audience and often claimed to do so. (


Jeri’s tribute is featured in “SEMANGAT CHANDAN  : CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS FROM THE LAND OF GRACE” currently exhibiting in Galeri Chandan, Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.

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Semangat Chandan Video Montage