Yue Minjun – Cynical Realism

” Laughter is a moment when our mind refuses to reason. When we are puzzled by certain things, our mind simply doesn’t want to struggle, or perhaps we don’t know how to think, therefore we just want to forget it.

Artists are the kind of people who always like to reveal to the simple, innocent and humble souls the never-ending illusion of our lives.

I paint people laughing, whether it is a big laugh, a restrained laugh, a crazy-laugh, a near-death laugh or simply laughter about our society: laughter can be about anything”

So this is how it all began: I was thinking that the image of a laughing face ought to be perceived as an assurance that things would get better: that a future life could be as rewarding and meaningful as the Buddha promised. I decided that my laughing faces would be my own personal reminder of our situation, and which would be easily understood by people around me, and ordinary folk, too, who had learned to laugh because they understood that any other response was futile” Yue Minjun

Yue Minjun is widely acclaimed as one of China’s leading painters—one of the four modern-day Chinese masters known affectionately and humorously as the “si da jingang,” or the four cornerstones of contemporary Chinese art, an elite which includes Wang Guangyi, Fang Lijun, and Zhang Xiaogang


5 responses to “Yue Minjun – Cynical Realism

  1. ketawa sinonim dengan Yue Minjun. satu fokus yang berkesan

  2. teruskan ketawa…tawa riang bkesan utk kurangkan stress…bagus juga utk kesihatan 😉

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