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Arabic Calligraphy of Kouichi Honda

“Even if you are not able to understand the Arabic language, you can appreciate the beauty of its written form Picture 4

To me, there are various levels of beauty in the letters. One Arabic letter of the alphabet is beautiful by itself, but when it becomes part of a sentence, there is another level of beauty.

And then the letters start to move as if they were living creatures.

“To me, it is almost like music with no sound,” – Kouichi Honda

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The Armory Show NY

HK Art Fair 09

Art Basel Miami Beach

A tour of the Frieze Art Fair 2008

Visual Computational Animated LOVE

Eye Catching : Jennifer Steinkamp : 2003 : Projected Computer Animation 

Design and the elastic mind !

“.. you collect the gastric juices of the corpse and they go to power some batteries, these batteries can go to power say a flashlight … even a vibrator so the person thats dead lives on as pure energy” … MOMA design curator speaks in detail about several of the exhibits, including “The Afterlife,” a system for turning corpses into batteries.