Arabic Calligraphy of Kouichi Honda

“Even if you are not able to understand the Arabic language, you can appreciate the beauty of its written form Picture 4

To me, there are various levels of beauty in the letters. One Arabic letter of the alphabet is beautiful by itself, but when it becomes part of a sentence, there is another level of beauty.

And then the letters start to move as if they were living creatures.

“To me, it is almost like music with no sound,” – Kouichi Honda

 Picture 3Picture 2Picture 1


4 responses to “Arabic Calligraphy of Kouichi Honda

  1. Indeed Mr.Kouichi Fuad Honda is one of the famous artists of the Arabic calligraphy, he saw the beauty in the Arabic alphabets, the word, and the whole sentence written in Arabic.
    He’s also appreciated for his hard work to teach this art in Japan to attracted people even though if they don’t speak Arabic, but they do can taste it’s beauty.
    Thanks again Mr Kouichi Fuad Honda for your actions ..hope to meet you.

  2. Dear Mr. Kouichi Fuad Honda,

    My friends and I are doing a project on Arabic Calligraphy and I was just wondering whether we could interview you to learn more about your thoughts on Arabic Calligraphy and whether more young Muslims should learn Arabic Calligraphy.

    It would be great if you could get back to us as soon as possible. Looking forward to your thoughts and comments.

    Thank You.


  3. MashAllah very beautiful,
    diferent colors, forms i like it.
    Thats are the colors of islamic art sprit.
    My best wishes.
    Hasan Temiztürk

  4. Mohammed Rashaad

    Allahuakbar!Brother Fuad may your works heighten our awareness and help to point to the possibilties of a revival of the scriptures Ameen.May the Almighty guide you in all your endeavours.

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