HK Art Fair 09


Art Basel Miami Beach

A tour of the Frieze Art Fair 2008

Visual Computational Animated LOVE

Eye Catching : Jennifer Steinkamp : 2003 : Projected Computer Animation 

Design and the elastic mind !

“.. you collect the gastric juices of the corpse and they go to power some batteries, these batteries can go to power say a flashlight … even a vibrator so the person thats dead lives on as pure energy” … MOMA design curator speaks in detail about several of the exhibits, including “The Afterlife,” a system for turning corpses into batteries.

“Internal No.7”


When looking at a piece of artwork, we tend to focus on the surface of the work. Our judgment is usually based on what is obvious without taking into account the meaning behind it. This feeling of dissatisfaction is what drove me to create this piece. It is about exploring the innards of an object. My experience with using glass and its transparent nature has an influence in the creation of this work. Glass though solid, allows us to see what is inside. This creates a kind of subconscious feeling similar to what one might experience under water. I invite the viewer to explore the perforation on this metal sculpture and ‘float’ into a space that transcends the ‘box’ that is the boundaries of the sculpture. The viewer is free to make up whatever they desire.


Title: “Internal No.7”
Size: 3 Panels with overall dimension: 193 cm x 122 cm x 13 cm 
Material: Metal & 2K paint 

the healing power of nature

Galeri Chandan and Raja Azhar Idris collaborated in this installation works called ‘the healing power of nature’ at the entrance lobby of a local hospital in Kuala Lumpur. According to the artist, this installation is the most comprehensive that he has done so far and is arguably the largest glass installation in Malaysia.