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More is not less, less is more

(“Simplicity means the achievement of maximum effects using minimum means.” -Koichi Kawana)

Ferrari : Aerosol Paint on Canvas, 2010

We live in a world ruled by information. Much of our lives are involved with the consumption of information. We read the newspaper in the morning. We sit in meetings at work. We check our e-mails every hour. We read billboards on the highway while driving home. We watch the news on television. We surf the internet and check blogs. Our minds become so full of information that the words become noise. We feel tired from the constant demand on our attention; at work, at home, on weekends. More is not less. Less is more. Clarity is more.

Personally, when I am struck with a lot of information, my mind shuts off and I move on to the next thing. To be heard and understood, it is vital to keep things simple. In the field of visual arts, I attempt to absorb the visual information and reduce their complexity to produce a simpler image with feather information. I believe, in order to see something, it is enough to see their true essence to gain the true information.

Radin Erus.


The light on “Read the WingDings”

” I have my own interpretation on technology. ‘Light’ as a medium of communication is not alien to mankind. The Holy Prophet Rasulullah (SAW) received the first revelation from Allah SWT through the angel Gibrael (whom Allah SWT created from ‘light’) … I use this event as an analogy in expressing my art … Allah SWT, uses His creature made of ‘light’ (The angel Gibrael) in revealing His words to His beloved Prophet as the messenger (and ‘light’) to all of mankind”

Haris Abadi Abdul Rahman

Single Channel Video Projection on Installation (Variable sizes) 2009 : Outerinterx@Threesixty Art Development Studio

[http:// http://www.thr3sixty.com ] [ http://www.outerinterx.com ]

Fadly Sabran : Humans as unthinking robots ..

Influenced by the Dadaism movement, Fadly Sabran’s work consist of living beings being turned into mechanical absurdity, with an aim to portray humans as unthinking robots, his initial study employs pasted photoengraving as collage technique. The technique used is assemblage that combine video, sound, light, kinetic, movement, motion sensory and digital collage. The works are designed to be interactive, participatory, dynamic and customisable in anticipation by the shape of things to come

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