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“Internal No.7”


When looking at a piece of artwork, we tend to focus on the surface of the work. Our judgment is usually based on what is obvious without taking into account the meaning behind it. This feeling of dissatisfaction is what drove me to create this piece. It is about exploring the innards of an object. My experience with using glass and its transparent nature has an influence in the creation of this work. Glass though solid, allows us to see what is inside. This creates a kind of subconscious feeling similar to what one might experience under water. I invite the viewer to explore the perforation on this metal sculpture and ‘float’ into a space that transcends the ‘box’ that is the boundaries of the sculpture. The viewer is free to make up whatever they desire.


Title: “Internal No.7”
Size: 3 Panels with overall dimension: 193 cm x 122 cm x 13 cm 
Material: Metal & 2K paint